As COVID cases surge and flu season approaches, Louie Gold demonstrates how to create a DIY air cleaner.

Dr. Milton’s PHABlab set up a booth where students, alumni, and community members built their own Corsi-Rosenthal boxes at UMD’s Maryland Day

Parents call for better air quality in schools

“We would not accept drinking water that is full of pathogens and looks dirty, but we’ve been living with air that is full of pathogens and dirty.”

Called Corsi-Rosenthal boxes, the makeshift purifiers can also help with mold and other toxins.

Air quality expert grades the recent results from testing of New Brunswick's schools

"We're hoping the prime minister is going to recognise long Covid in children enough so that he invests in indoor air quality being improved in schools to prevent other children from getting the same condition our children are living with."

For educators, dealing with COVID has required a multi-pronged approach. That includes a DIY air filter. But now, an innovative group of ASU students has gotten creative to protect students in classrooms. Reporter Molly McBride showed us how those filters are made.

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