The DIY box fan air cleaner operates within acceptable thresholds for market safety standard for electric fans, even under extreme conditions.

“DIY air filtration units can be an effective means of reducing aerosol exposure. The DIY units reduced aerosol exposure up to 73%”

Parents call for better air quality in schools

“DIY) air cleaners, made with a box fan and MERV 13 air filter, are a cost-effective method for reducing smoke concentrations.”

“DIY air cleaners appear to be a valuable, low-cost tool to reduce hazardous PM exposures.”

This study has shown that DIY air cleaners can be a cost-effective approach to reducing smoke concentrations.

MERV-13 filters and box fan is a low-cost alternative to commercial filter units. The Low-cost method effectively filters wildfire PM2.5 and submicron particles.

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